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Teleport and Elemental Nova problems

In the specialisation tree of “Teleport” there are three nodes - Ëlemental Dawn, Elemental Dusk and Elemental Midnight, that are supposed to “cast” Elemental Nova.
The issue is that elemental nova casted from those nodes don’t seem to count as spell for the purpose of activating effects - for example it doesn’t activate the set effect from “The Invoker’s set” (increasing elemental damage of lighting, fire or cold spell cast.
The same way it doesn’t count as lighting skill for activating Capacitor node in Spellblade tree.
It also counts as only 1 cast for spellblade node “Blade Weaver”, while it should be counted as 4 spell cast with all 3 nodes invested.

For example - the Elemental Weapon skill can cast Elemental Nova with node as well - and this elemental nova works with all the above stated things.

Also - adding it here as it is related… when the Node in Elemental Weapon “Kindling Blade” is selected - which makes Elemental weapon to automatically recasts - the Elemental Nova used by it loses it’s spell triggering stats and becomes the same way as the one in teleport skill.

And speaking of related Elemental Nova problems - the node in Spell Blade tree that makes in auto cast when hit doesn’t trigger the stated effects on cast as well… so the only skill that triggers them is the Elemental Weapon with selected node for Nova but without autocast.

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