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Talent Tree Multi-Spec Optimization

I’d recommend reviewing the available class specialization trees and revising them to include viable talent paths for builds outside of that specialization, if those builds would benefit from a skill within those trees.

My experience is, specifically, this:
I am a spellcasting Mage, specialized into the Sorcerer mastery. I would like to pick up Ice Ward from the Spellblade tree. The only available node with no exclusive-to-melee bonus is Elemental Affinity, which only has 8 points maximum, which means, given my build, the next two points I need to reach Ice Ward give no benefit. The next ten points go into Glacial Might, which is fine, and the last ten go into some combination of Prismatic Blade, Capacitor and Shiver Armor, which grant only part of their bonus.

By comparison, the Sorcerer tree has only a few spell-exclusive talents; a Spellblade putting points into Sorcerer never has to put points into a talent that doesn’t benefit them; the only real worry is which elemental specialization they’d like.

It’s not a huge concern, obviously, but if skills are locked behind talent progression, then giving more viable paths through those trees could open up more possibilities for yadda yadda yeah, you know how game design works. Just think about it, alright?

you cant get ice ward as a sorcerer. Its above the halfway point and they did that on purpose.
In its current stat sorcerer is spell and spellblade is melee so its a little hard to syndergize but hopefully runemaster changes all that.

Hm. Okay, different recommendation, then:

Since mastery selection is permanent, remove the ability to “preview passives” if you are, in fact, locked out of them, to prevent misunderstandings like this in future.

Idk of thats a good idea as people definitely wanna see whats there before making the most crucial decision in the game of picking there permanent mastery. Maybe just update the tooltips saying preview passices you can access if you mastered this class
Also even once they have chosen a mastery some people still like to preview them just to theory craft a different build before making another character

I mean, remove the preview after the relevant talents are locked. Obviously being able to see masteries before you’ve specialized is crucial, but that no clear and immediate indication exists that those talents are unattainable post-specialization is a problem.

No, I think it’s good to be able to see the tree even if you can’t use it. I think maybe a red line cutting off anything that requires beyond level 20 would be enough or some other measure to indicate that you can’t take it. I honestly had no idea that we were locked out like that until I read this post.

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