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Take On Endgame Easily - Unbearable Werebear Druid Build (Primalist) Last Epoch | 0.7.9

Here is my next Last Epoch build guide! Featuring Unbearable Werebear Druid for the Primalist class. Shout out to Tunk for the idea of the build!
This build makes use of Avalanche and Werebear Form to deal devastating damage to shred through the battlefield!!
Click Here!

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Rimed, thanks for all your hard work on putting builds out there for the community. I have yet to do a shapeshifter, so this might be my next project. If one were to start from scratch what suggestions do you have – i.e. which skills would you specialize in order? Thanks again.

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Hey thank you so much for the kind words!! I would go swipe as fast as possible. I think you get Ice thorns next then do that for more defense and thorn totem to keep enemies off you till you get the proc idol. then I would go were bear. then I would worry about avalanche later. this build is tough for a fresh character bc it has a bunch of requirements like gear and idols to work well. but just going the swipe, werebear route with ice thorns will do you good. I would focus more on these and using a pole arm till you get the full halvars set and avalanche. If you have any other questions I will be happy to assist!

Thanks for the starting tips, Rimed. I’ll keep you posted.

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Please do! xD