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Tabs stay open, open behind existing tabs

I don’t know if this is a bug, missed functionality or working as intended but I’ll do my best to express the issue (and my frustrations):

When you to open your stash, you click on the stash… and it opens (because that is why you clicked on it).
Now with your stash open you can walk around the area you are in and the open stash window will not close regardless of the distance you put between you and your stash chest…
When you want to sell or buy something from Annya (vendor) you click on her and instead of getting an open window showing you what is for sale (and also allowing you to sell items) you get a menu of 2 choices: 1) Leave 2) shop Why would i want to leave? Just clicked on her. Clicking on Annya was my request to use the shop. Additionally, when I choose “yes” The shop window does not appear unless I have remembered to close the stash window that I had opened already (regardless of how far I have walked to get to Annya).
Many times I have unloaded my character bags into my stash thinking I was selling the items.
So now… I have closed my stash tab and Annya’s Store window is open…I sell the items, and move back to my stash tab and open my stash. Opening my stash tab AFTER i’ve opened the store tab works as expected… the store tab closes, the Stash tab opens.

I think normal intuitive tab function would dictate that opening a new tab would close an existing tab. This is working as expected so long as you open store tab first… then stash tab, but not if you open stash tab first …then store tab.

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And I think the currently open stash/vendor tabs should close if you move too far away from the stash/vendor.

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