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£ & € symbols in in-game chat doesn't work properly

So if you put the £ symbol in chat followed by some numbers it will either display nothing (just the £ but it appears to be bolded) or a different symbol (eg, a square).

It looks as though £ strips off the last 2 digits from the following string, so £1000 gets posted in chat as £10.

The € has a similar issue but it strips off the last 4 digits (€10000 gets posted as €1).

!"$^&*() all work fine, as do @~’#<>?,./|\

So the only problem characters on the standard UK keyboard are £ and €.

It looks like this has been ameliorated, though now the symbols that you get in chat for the 2 & 3 keys are wrong. Shift-2 should be " but it’s giving me a @, shift-3 should be the GBP symbol & it’s giving me #. In the forum as well as in-game.

It looks as though " and @ have switched places, and the GBP & EUR symbols are now AWOL, as is the tilde symbol (replaced with ~).

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