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Surprise Release Guess

Most players that have been here for at least 2 patches have realized that EHG always saves at least 1 thing to as a surprise to drop in patches (last patch was idols!, which was a massive game changer)
My guess for this patch is 1 new endgame system (eternity’s cache)
Whats your guess for this patch?

I think it will be Pause in game
I realy hope so)))

Based on the Early Access Development Forecast, Epoch’s Call is not supposed to come until phase 4. If its an endgame mode, I would say Eternity Cache since that is slated for phase 2.

I would really love some new endgame activities.

While they have announced that there are UI changes, I think the surprise (if any) will be something they have done with the UI. One of the devs said that was their favorite changes coming in 0.7.7.

Thats my bad i meant eternity cache lol. Ill edit mine

I’m hoping for this feature as well, since I play single player in all arpgs and with kids at home the need to pause at any moment is important.

My logical guess is Eternity’s Cache, but I’m also hoping for some skill trees missing from current skills. If I only received the performance optimization though, I would still be happy.

I play some times at job
and than someone come to my cabinet
I’m a little be shocked ))) and ALT+TAB click click click
and game is go on
and sound is go on
I hope that soon in game will be ALT+TAB mode
and than I switch game to desktop where are no sounds and not videocard 100% use
can’t live w/o this


Missing skill trees would be awesome. There are definitely some skills on the acolyte that are missing trees that i really want to play around with.

Sarno’s pregnant.

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Patch 0.7.7 will not contain a new endgame system.

Surprise >>>>> Warlock is here! :drooling_face: :smiling_imp:

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No. :rage:

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Sorry for your loss.

Seriously though, even without a surprise update to the game, I’m sure we will all be happy!

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So you’ve been eating a few too many pies? I’m pretty sure that green skull is larger than it was.

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Well my guess is shot down already lol. I had a back up guess ready to go though. Sockets!
I guess sockets!

Sarno just PM’d me to say that he is infact pregnant, he was just waiting for the National Enquirer to send a “reporter” round to document it…
#WouldILieToYou #YouCanTrustMeI’mAnAccountant

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You know when they try to silence you you’re getting close to the truth.

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This is the last guess we’ll confirm or deny but it’s also wrong. Sorry bud.

Why is it all my guesses gettimg shot dowm! No dignity left here for a 3rd guess… :frowning: