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Supporter Pack Upgrades?


Two questions to this.

I bought the game on steam for $35.00. It says I get a pet in game, and when I go to the cosmetics page in game, it says its not owned.

I also was looking at the supporter packs on the official website, and was interested in getting some higher tier ones. I wanted to get the “Ardent Champion Supporter” which is $60.00. Does this mean I would need to pay a whole extra $60.00 on top of the $35.00 that I spent originally on the “Ardent Gladiator Supporter” for a grand total of $95.00? Or is there some way I can do a $25.00 ‘upgrade’ to get the next link in the chain so to speak?

If this is already a thing, do let me know. If not, I’d strongly suggest making that a possibility. Its a great system in other games, and I think it is more enticing to upgrade as you see fit and just makes the whole thing more desirable.

I love the game so far, and really hope that it takes off. Thank you in advance!


Also now that I mention it, I’m also not seeing the forum badge either o.O?

Apologies if this was already posted somewhere and is a known issue.


The pet issue is a bug, dont worry they will fix it.

To upgrade your support pack w/o paying the full price you should contact the support via mail here Theres no option to do that on steam atm.

About forum titles: I had to click the title in the badges section on my forum profile to activate it

Edit: it seems that theres also a bug preventing to show badges for some ppl who bought packs on steam sorry :confused:


Hey! Thanks a ton for the info and the help. I really appreciate it! Solved~

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