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Summon Wolves Rework Ideas

Summon Wolf
Summons a primal wolf. Each wolf summoned gains 1% increased stats per 10 kills.
(Note. you could scale this with the player’s level so at higher levels it takes less kills for the wolves to become relatively strong enough for the content.)
Skill Tree

  • Nature’s Vigor- Increased Health and Health Regen.

  • Lupine Endurance- Wolves gain x Vitality and x% dodge rating increased by x% of your strength.

  • Canine Agility- Your wolves can now use leap on a 10 sec cooldown. Wolves’ leap attack has x% increased cooldown recovery.

  • Rise of The Pack- +1 to maximum number of wolves. +1 wolf count.
    (note. I highly suggest maybe replacing increased maximum companions for increased maximum “insert specific companion name” on skill trees only)

  • Taste for Blood- Your wolves cannot be stunned and leech x% of physical damage as health per point.

  • Rabid Hunters- Your wolves gain x% chance to cause bleed. Wolves gain x% Damage over time.

  • Infected wounds- wolves gain x% chance to poison. Wolves lose x hp per second.
    (Note. I like the idea of trading benefits for downsides that force you to make interesting decisions. Maybe stick the hp regen nodes close to this node to define the playstyle a little.)

  • Legendary Hunters- Wolves gain x% crit chance, x% Stun chance and x% damage as a random element.

  • Thick Fur-Wolves gain x additional armor and x resists per point.
    (Note. Pets are wimpy right now.)

  • Tenacious Carnivore- increased attack and movement speed.
    (Note. Clearly a early node.)

  • Storm Jaws- Your wolves deal x% additional lightning damage. Wolves have x% chance to retaliate with a lightning strike when attacked.
    (Note. You’ll notice I consolidated a bunch of the elemental nodes because they were too spread out even though they had very similar effects.)

  • Tundraborn Stalkers- Wolves gain x% more lightning damage. Wolves deal 2 additional cold damage with spells and attacks. wolves gain x% of lightning damage as cold.
    (Note. A little cold conversion for that snow storm wolf playstyle.)

  • Icy Fangs- Wolves have x% chance to chill on hit. x% chance for your wolves to perform a ice bite attack with increased x% area.

  • Pack of Spirits- +1 to maximum number of companions. +1 wolf count.
    (Note. I thought it was important to include a few of these nodes so that no matter how you want to build your wolves you have access to more wolves.)

  • Dire Wolf- Maximum companion limit cannot exceed 1. All bonuses are increased by x% for each maximum number of companions. +20% size
    (Note. I really like the idea of not trivializing any nodes on the tree while also giving a unique “aspirational node” for specific playstyles.)

  • Shaman’s Bond- Your wolves gain increased damage and health equal to x% of your attunement. Wolves deal x% more elemental damage from spells and attacks.

  • Call of The Wind- Your wolves howls grant haste and x% spell damage for each wolf. increased duration of howl effects.

  • Territorial Cry- Your wolves have a x% chance to howl when they hit a rare or boss tier enemy. x% Increased howl effects.

  • Thrilling Howl- Wolves have a x% chance to howl when they get the killing blow.
    (Note. Please increase howl chance on all nodes. Much cool idea.)

  • Snarl- When you get the killing blow your wolves have x% chance to howl. x% chance to frenzy on howl.

  • Song of the pack- +1 to maximum wolves. +1 to wolf count.

Things to do… Proof and Format. Wrote this on a tablet. Also maybe throw out some numbers. Fix some of the wording.

Thank you for the help but, I was in the middle of fixing it. I’d hate for people to get confused by our two posts since I provided insight into my ideas when I edited it just now.

Understand :slight_smile: going to remove my post.

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I am just curious why you think wolf needs a rework? The tree actually just got a rework and its pretty amazing in my opinion.

I like most of the skills in the tree and that’s why I mostly consolidated a lot of the skills into fewer passives.

The big one is the very large wolf node I think. You can still take the uniques or passives that add wolves without taking away from the “have a single companion play style” and I think that would be a interesting trade off. If it were locked behind the howl talents to make a beefy buff effect kind of minion.

Overall I feel like some of the talents on all the trees are kind of generic or redundant but, I just happen to be playing with wolves right now so I thought I’d rebuild it with some of my criticisms in mind.

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