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Summon Wolf cooldown bug with Safety in Numbers node

Summon Wolf seems to be doing some very funky things with it’s cooldown if you have the Safety in Numbers (can summon wolves up to the max number of companions) node.

Summon Wolf (SW) has a 4 second cooldown, so one would expect that with the Safety in Numbers node that you would have to wait 4 seconds between each cast but that’s not what’s happening.

When you cast SW it goes on cooldown & the cooldown “clock” appears on the skill icon until the wolf appears (1 second after cast), then the cooldown disappears from the skill icon but you can’t recast it again (presumably this is when the icon would normally change to howl which would then go on cooldown). The skill remains un-castable for the full 4 second cooldown, then the cooldown “clock” reappears on the skill for another 4 seconds & the skill is still uncastable. When this second cooldown has finished you can then summon the next wolf.

|Seconds since cast|
|0|                 Summon wolf, skill goes on cooldown|
|1|                 Cooldown disappears but skill remains on cooldown (uncastable)|
|4|                 Normal cooldown would have finished, but second cooldown starts|
|8|                 Second cooldown finishes, skill is now castable|

On a related note, if Wolves (& the Primalists’s other summons) don’t work like the Acolyte’s summons (ie, don’t have to be resummoned after they die), why don’t we get the max number that can be summoned on the first cast? It appears that only SW can have more than one minion so it would only affect this skill, unless there are uniques/item mods that enable multiple of the other summons at once. Plus if you have more than one summon type that might cause issues (unless SW would summon Max Companions - Total number of other Companions).

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Thanks, this is a known issue that we haven’t gotten to yet.

We likely won’t change Summon Wolf to summon multiple wolves at the same time for the reason you mentioned. If a player already has another Companion out, it would either summon 1 less than their maximum Companions, or replace the current Companion, and I could see either of those being confusing.

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