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Summon Skeletons skill points reset on relog

I logged out to the login screen and logged in again on my acolyte to find all skill points allocated in the Summon Skeleton skill reset. The points I earned were still there, but i had to reallocate them all.

If this happens again could you please post a log file? That’ll help us investigate this. :slight_smile:

I had the same issue yesterday. And today as well, but then with the Scorpion. All skill points got reset. If it hapopens again, will try to post a log file!


This is happening to me as well. Will post log file when I can.

Update: Decided to just exit the game now to get the log file. However this time the skill points did not reset:)

Appears to only happen the first time you relog.

Hasn’t occured for me either since that one time. And played around 8 hours of the build so far. So, maybe a one time incident just after the patch and now the game memorized it correctly.

I guess so. Had the same with some skill one time after the patch, never happened again.

Just wanted to provide a quick update - we have had some success reproducing this issue internally. If you’ve had this occur with a skill other than Summon Scorpion or Summon Skeleton, please let us know in this thread. Thanks for the reports!

This happend to me with Soul Feast on 9/28; all points in the augment tree unspecced but available to be allocated again after relogging.

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