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Summon Skeleton - Necrotic Conviction Bug

Necrotic conviction does not increase the damage of skel archers at all. Had 5/5 in it. Tested the damage at the training dummy with 1 skel archer. Respeced. Checked again with zero points in it. Exact same damage.

Did you resummon the minion between making tree changes and checking the damage?

Yes. Multiple times.

Will test again after downloading the new patch.

Tested in new patch. Summoned one skel archer with no points added to the tree. Watched over 100 attacks the highest value was 83.

Put one point into necrotic conviction - set the skill to blank to unsummon the skeleton archer. Summoned a new skeleton archer and observed the values of another 100+ attacks. The highest value was still 83.
Repeated the same process but instead put a point into sweeping strikes (12% more damage)
This time the damage did increase with a new highest damage value of 93. Working properly.
Conclusion : Necrotic Conviction is definitely bugged.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ve confirmed this internally.

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