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'Summon Skeleton' and 'Summon Skeleton Mage' Tree Previews

In a recent post demonstrating that alliteration’s always absolutely awesome, we told you of our plans to split the skill Summon Skeleton into the two skills Summon Skeleton and Summon Skeleton Mage. Today we’re posting previews of the trees for both of these skills!

Please note that these trees are still a work in progress. We may make changes to them between posting them on our website and releasing them as part of Patch 0.7.3 due to both our internal playtesting and any feedback we receive in response to this post.

While it may appear that many tooltips are missing their ‘alt text’, the majority of these are merely clarifying that nodes on a tree only affect minions summoned by that skill. In other words, a node on Summon Skeleton’s tree which increases damage of “your skeletons” will not affect minions summoned by your Summon Skeleton Mage skill.

Summon Skeleton tree preview | Summon Skeleton Mage tree preview


How many Mages can you have by default it doesn’t say so is it only one at a time base?

I believe our plan hasn’t changed since this was posted;

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totally missed that before thanks Sarno

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No worries bud. :slight_smile:


Man making me want to play Acolyte who would have thunk it


Finaly they implement rogus :D.


Getting mortal kombat vibes :smile:

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“Summon skeleton mage can use sacrifice on your wraiths/skeletons”



hm why mage’s cap is 2 and warrior’s is 3? Are mages so much stronger? I’ll see for Archmage tho, will it be viable vs 4 default mages :thinking:

Beautiful trees :wink:

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