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Summon Bone Golem Node - Marrow Eater - Breaks Entire Character

As title says, when you spec Marrow Eater, some insane things happen: your minion numbers go up in the top left, far past your minion cap (but you have no extra minions). When you load into the next zone, your minions no longer show up in left hand corner. Finally, the ‘esc’ menu doesn’t work correctly or at least it won’t let me ‘leave game’. Exiting game fully works. I have no idea how Marrow Eater would effect leaving the game but I fully tested this and am certain of it. The only way to correct this bug is to spec out of Marrow Eater and restart the game.

That is certainly strange-- I’ve tried speccing into Marrow Eater during gameplay and have not had this issue.

If you’re able to reproduce this problem still, could you please upload your log file and link to screenshots of your skill trees and passives? Listing how many minions and which types may help as well.


Hello. I’ve experienced this bug as well. After some testing I found out that it allows you to exploit it. After Reaching Top 10 yesterday I stopped pushing it to the limits (didn’t want to ruin the others’ hard work). Each time you summon a minion the added armor keeps stacking but won’t be corrected back down when the summoned unit dies.

It feels like an interface or database communication bug to me. But what do I know? I’m just the gamer nerd, not a programmer. But a very good translator into German in case you are looking for a german translator. Seriously talking. :wink:

Also when experiencing that bug some interface elements won’t accept interaction/refreshing.

It can all be witnessed here:

Hi! Unfortunately I still can’t reproduce this issue just by having Marrow Eater, so I think there’s a particular interaction that’s broken. Can you please post a screenshot of all of your skill trees and passives, plus any uniques you have? Once I know your exact build I can try to find what’s causing the issue. A log file from a session where the exploit occured would also help.

A list of timestamps for your VOD would work instead of screenshots-- I can’t reasonably skim through the whole thing to find where you showcase things.

I’m also not sure what the exact exploit is, so if you could elaborate that would be helpful. Is the Bone Golem gaining armor and it never comes back down? Are there other effects?

Hi Hackaloken. I’m Sorry for the long video. On the internet people love trolling. But overall I’m here to help, of course.

I’ve uploaded a new video with me recreating the bug. It’s all being explained in it. Hf gl.
The LogFile is attached.


output_log_BOSSHOORE_Exploit.txt (206.1 KB)

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