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Suggestions list : very basic stuffs but huge improvement

If you guys change few simple things, I guarantee all players feel this as a high quality game.

  1. Need force movement key

  2. When players click an object for quest, talk NPC or click chests, the area the players can click feels weird, small or seems odd. Make the size of area clicking bigger or improve in someway.

  3. When players talk to NPC and click the next NPC, it does not automatically change or close and open talk with the next NPC but always leave the first NPC to talk to next one. How inconvenient it is!

  4. Need way better interface for Skill tree windows.

  1. I agree.

  2. I think they’re fixing this in patch 0.7.2, but if that’s not included in the “NPC’s stop talking when you get far away thing”, then it needs to be.

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