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(SUGGESTION) Mage's "Teleport" Power

I am lvl 38 Mage and I am “loving” the Teleport power where you can create “mirror images” for decoy/taunt and attack purpose. While I love this concept, I feel like there is so much more potential of this power. Recommendations:

  1. Please reduce the “lag” and increase the “trigger range” for attack. There is a strange DELAY after the mirror images were created. They won’t attack until they are “triggered” (like being attacked)? Can we shorten the “delay” and have them attack right away as soon as they are created?

  2. Can we have another NODE where you can increase the damage of Mirror Images? and another node to increase attack speed? They are not Minions, so they won’t benefit from other mods/items.

I love the idea of spitting out images as you teleport around. But these images could deal more damages with more node investments.

Thank you.



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