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[Suggestion] Casual player: PoE is a bad game


I agree with this. Trading should be an interesting aspect of the game, NOT the primary means to end game build design and functionality. I should not have to trade to build interesting and diverse builds.

Now, part of this issue in PoE relies on how the character is designed: gear is integral to your skillset and power of said skills. Thus in order to make certain builds, you NEED certain items.

with skills and skill improvement being integral to the CLASS in this game, trading won’t have as much of an impact in the same way. however, I still would rather have finding gear being the primary focus rather then trading gear.


Looking at this game and waiting for its release to try it. I also played Path of Exile, first time about 6 months in the begining, and from September last year. But decided to quit. Im a guy with a work, and spend 3-4 hours every day playing, sometimes more if at rest or holidays. A lot of players are like that, and if you are not one of them, when you grow up, you will be the same. :smile:
So now on the OP points and what i think about some of the topics:
1: Gear Imbalance i totally disagree. Unique is what makes every game interesting. Their colour is great, they should give emotion when drops, also there should be end game unique, as well as build enabling unique.
Big problem of POE is the drop system and 99% crap unique, unless it`s meta unique. Big reason why i quit the game.
Why some not agree, for me perfect balance should be 50/60/'70% equipped uniques, rest rares/sets.
And for that u need great end game unique, and also “build uniques”.

While some not agree on power unique. Diablo 2 has the best itemization and should be example to all.
They have tier uniques, low, mid and end uniques.
You can create perfect character with End Game uniques, but if you really want to be great, you need 1-2-3 Runewords.
I think something like that is the best receipt.
And last on this one, the problem with imbalance not coming from a items, but from some broken game mechanics, skills or build.

2: While i think some RNG should be involved, POE like and im talking about Standard is just wrong. Its purely gamble. Its not crafting. I dont mind the game to have gambling system, but crafting should be a way more different.
Not exactly but close to Diablo 2.

3: My only problem with deaths on POE was some idiotic one shoot mechanism from nowhere and some boss fights.
Otherwise im for the punish and hard content. So if you die, you should be punish. The problem with POE is 99% just not do the map boss. Its high risk and zero reward.
I really hope this game gives proper content/rewards.
POE 99% of the drops sucks, you are not even thinking of loot 99% of the items, and boss drops just sucks. Another reason i quit. What game enjoyment i have if skip boss 99% of the time ?
4: I have zero problem with league, unless the game is entirely focus on leagus(big reason i quit poe as well). Let`s face it, right now POE is all about league. Standard is death league. Prices are insane, and if you want to get gear and get some currency - league is the road.
Also legacy item totally meaningless play in standard.

What i really want to see from this game and that will keep my interest for long time is, good game story. Interesting and different end game contents(i know this is not MMROGP and im not expecting this level contents), of course some may come with time. Some good trade mechanics, cause POE one just sucks, and makes me hate the game. I also have big complain about POE balancing team, but here we will see how the things goes. Im totally against item nerfing and legacy items.
Item should be thinked before it realeased.
Also when the core game is fully done, of course to have change with path/leagues/expansion, but not in the POE level, to totally nerf/change and destroys whole builds.
I hope everything with game goes well and we can play the full game soon.