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Stupid question : what is ward in this game?

Hi there,

Freshly started the game, i went for a mage and then a sorcerer…
I think i mess my template as there are lot of things i don’t really get about stats and all.
First i don’t really see what is the use of Ward in this game ? (some of my spell refer to ward point but i don’t have a clue of what this does).

Are there any other synergy i should know about regarding lvling up a sorcerer ?
Or even general synergy for classes in general i should pay attention to ?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Welcome in Last Epoch ! :slight_smile:
Ward is a temporary shield that decays over time. There is not a limit of how much ward you can get. You can reduce the ward decay with ward retention. You can get it through passives and skills but also through the attribute Intelligence that grants ward retention. You can see what are the effects of attributes by overing the mouse on the attribute name on the character sheet (press C to open it). As a sorcerer Intelligence is your primary attribute. You can see with which stats your skills scale by pressing alt while the mouse is on the skill icon in your action bar.
Don’t know if you have been on the discord but this is a great place to ask questions to the community and the devs :wink:

Thanks for your quick answer !

You are right, i will logg on the discord.
I really like this game for now ! Just i still don’t get all the connection between skills and what i should pay attention to as a sorcerer.
So i just lvl up the skill i find cool :confused:

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