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Stupid question about Aegisfall

Hi guys,

Aegisfall states that u gain 25% Chance per level up to 200%! What does 200% Chance do better than 100%?

Kind Regards

That chance is not base chance. Base chance is the ability to proc up to 100% which is guaranteed.

The 200% chance you are referring to is the amount increased of the base chance.

For e.g

Base crit chance is 5%: 100% increased critical strike chance would add another 5% to the base crit chance making it 10% base crit chance.

It says: You´re minions have a 175% chance to shred armour. That´s not rly a increase in percentages?

It can stack. In general if something has above a 100% chance to apply something (ailments), it can apply more than 1 stack per hit. So in this case it’s 100% chance to apply 1 stack and 75% chance to apply another.


Thanks, that’s better. I mis-understood the question.

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