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Stuck in login screen


Hey I just logged in after a few Months and the game looks great. BUT after switching between characters 2-3 times I got stuck in the login screen… It keeps loading but nohting happens :open_mouth: That’s a bug right? xD what can i do? Wait for a patch? Kinda sad cause I really wanted to play the game :frowning:


Does restarting the game client help? What about restarting your computer?

Moving to Technical Support.



I restarted my client multiple times and my pc once… then i didnt touched the game for an hour or so and now it works again don’t know what the problem was. Just btw after restarting my pc it still didn’t work…
But well now it works again


If this happens again could you please give us your log file?


This has happened to me. Just as top poster described it.
Came back after some time away, wanted to make a new toon, so was cleaning out the previous characters. After about 3-4 relogs, i suddenly got stuck on “Please Wait” at login screen. output_log.txt (407.7 KB)


Does restarting the game client help?