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Stuck In Ice After Mapchange

I have encountered several technical issues lately:

1. Getting stuck
I got stuck after entering the Ice Caverns. I could not move and not teleport out with transplant. Town Portal brought me back, reentering the TP got me stuck again. I teleportet to the previews WP and walked back to the cavers. After entering again it was ok, but I entered at a different position.

2. No Enemies / Terrain:
After this I had also issues with maps not loading any enemies or terrain. Next map was loaded completely.

3. Freezes After Loading Into A Game:
Everytime I load into a game the first 5 minutes I am having heavy freezes. Sometimes up to 10s or more. I only have these freezes when moving. It does not help when just standing around and wait for something to load. When I do nothing no freezes happen. As soon as I start moving the freezes appear. They get shorter and shorter the longer I play and after a few minutes they are gone.

Here is the player log with screenshots attached (1,8 MB) (17,7 KB)

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