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Storm's Aid node in Tempest strike is summoning unskilled Storm Totem

I wanted to make a lightning shaman build that utilised the interaction between Tempest strike and Storm Totem, that is using the storm’s aid talent on tempest strike so I could summon a storm totem automatically and then that storm totem will buff my movespeed and lightning damage with the nodes stormrider+grounding conduit.

However, not once did the totem summoned by storm’s aid ever boost my movespeed or lightning damage. I had my character sheet open for a long time and it never changed.

When I manually summoned the storm totem it did boost both my movespeed and lightning damage, almost immediately.

I also noticed that my manually summoned storm totem was much tankier than my auto-summoned one, which died in a few hits.

My conclusion is that the storm’s aid node is summoning a lvl 1 storm totem and perhaps not even scaling with attunement.

Known issue:

This will be fixed in 0.7.9. Thanks!

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