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Storm Totem - Thunder Totem


So I was quite thrilled to see storm totem having a tree with beta! Playing with thunder totem though, I think I havn`t seen any differences yet. I just tried casting storm totem 50 times to see if there is difference (e.g. the Name of the totem, the Duration). It Always vanishes after 8 seconds, Always named storm totem. The damage numbers are also the same. Is it working as intented?

Also, the way it Plays feels a Little… unattractive. That is because the CD and the Duration are one and the same. It feels unfluid. I would either decrease the CD (to say 6 seconds), or increase the duraton to 10-12 seconds. It is just not fun to Always have the CD in mind and act from a place of “do when cooldown is up or it is gone”. It is not calibrated upon situations or the game-flow. That is also because it is particularily hard and thereof a good and well-deserved Feeling to have it survive and well placed for 8 seconds, just to be pressured to re-cast not because of how you played but because it will be gone the Moment the cooldown is up again. In General, having a lower CD than Duration would be a more enjoying experience IMO.

Ideally I would increase the Duration to 11 seconds or something, but allow for a second totem! So when you do Keep the CD in eye, Play it well and have your totem surive that time, you have 2 totems for a short Duration only. Giving it an extra thrill in regards to Feeling and gameplay-dynamic. Although it is an awesome skill in design, it still feels a bit boring and undynamic here (which makes totems fun in the first place, beside being a totem… see thorn totem). But I`m dreaming. hehe


Good feedback on that totem. It feels very underwhelming. With tornado getting an increased damage % I’ve been trying that.


We just found a bug in the storm totem tree that I fixed this morning. Some nice changes coming for it.


Awesome! :slight_smile: <3