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Storm Totem summoned by Storm's Aid does not use specialization tree when equipped

Tempest Strike’s Storm’s Aid node summons a Storm Totem that is apparently supposed to inherit the skill tree of my normal Storm Totem ability (according to a dev, who asked me to report them); I have the ability specialized and on my bar, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t use Blizzard while the manually summoned version does.

I’m not sure if the Storm’s Aid summon is actually using my skill tree, because it’s hard to test just based on attack range and damage numbers. After a bit more testing I’ve noticed it also doesn’t use Discharge as well as Blizzard, so I’m inclined to assume that it isn’t using my specialization nodes at all, and is just summoning a normal totem.

Storm’s Aid totem vs manually summoned totem (note lack of Blizzard on former)
Tempest Strike tree and Storm Totem tree

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