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Storm Totem: several nodes seem to not work

Nodes that don’t seem to work:

  • increased area of effect (no discernable AoE increase in Blizzard mode, not sure for Storm mode)
  • added melee lightning damage to nearby minions (companions’ damage numbers stay the same, regardless of distance)
  • Frostbite chance/effectiveness (cold AoE numbers stay the same, maybe just too small effect at high levels)
  • added cold damage (cold AoE numbers stay the same)
  • increased character’s movement speed if totem shocked (chilled) an enemy recently (no discernable increase)
  • nova on totem death - couldn’t see any noticeable damage compared to a single tick of cold DoTs, not sure of it works at all.

Thanks for the report! I’ve logged all these and we’ll have to verify them all.

Were you specced into Blizzard when Stormfury wasn’t giving you movespeed?

Tried either way, movespeed node doesn’t seem to work.

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