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Stop movement while looking at the map

Sometimes I move right into a mob of enemies or to a different zone while looking at the world map (m) would be nice if the movement would be locked while the world map is activ.
Edit: when you click somewhere on the main global map (not minimap), character moves too which is a bit annoying.

You can always stop and then look at the map, there is no reason to limit peoples movement in such a way when you can do it urself. It’s a great thing being able to move and look at the map in my opinion.

i don’t know if this is what OP intended but i have experienced an issue where a click on the world map will cause the character to move as if you clicked in that space on the ground underneath the map. this seems like unintended behavior to me. i think that’s what needs to be fixed, rather than just stopping movement when the map is open.

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yes that’s what i meant.

No, no, no. I hate this function in games that when you open the map or even the map overlay in some games that it stops movement. It’s the most gd annoying bs in games. If I want my character to stop moving so I can check something then I will do that; don’t force stop my movement. I can manage to have an idea of where my character will end up while I open my map if I choose to do those things at the same time.

OH! If this is what you meant then, yes, they should fix the click-through on the overlay so it doesn’t make you move. That is a totally different thing which is frustrating also, lol!

Yes this the issue I meant, overlay is fine as it is. I don’t mind to move around while inventory etc is open cause you can actually see where you’re going but the overworld map is a different story.