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Steam early access and supporter packs

Hi all,

I’m having a blasting discovering this game but I’m having few (minors) issues :

  • I bought the early access using Steam, created an account on the website and linked both accounts. I don’t see anywhere that I have indeed the " Ardent Gladiator Supporter" pack.
    I don’t have the in-game pet nor the badge on the forum.

  • I can’t find a way to confine my mouse to my main monitor, I tried all settings and the “Exclusive Fullscreen”.

I’m hoping that I’ll have an answer here, else I’ll wait.

Thanks a lot everyone

Sorry about that, I just read the FAQ post and it covers apparently both my issues.

(Maybe not the confine mouse one but I’m getting used to it.)

As for the confine mouse thing, we’re looking to add an option to confine the cursor. It won’t be added quickly but it is planned.

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