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First, It goes without sayin if youve seen how much time ive spent just streaming this game, that i LOVE this game. Its everything ive been waiting for in an ARPG. But wont go into all that right now. I wanna talk stashes!

6 Stashes shared between an unlimited amount of characters is a ratio so minuscule not even the Hubble could see it. Now i know there is some sort of bug that causes account to lag when you have items in your stash and the fuller it is the longer the obnoxious wait times when first entering Eterra. But i would wait even longer if it meant more stashes. I would pay an arm and a leg to have just a few more! I’m sure this is already in the works, but the sooner the better!! I just got paid, so before i blow my paycheck on Black Friday deals open up that stash store! Thanks :slight_smile:

The devs have said they dont intend to sell stashes and will ensure there is reasonable amount of stash space for all. They promised this when they made LE b2p.

But I can see why you think the current amount of stash space is insufficient. And it also begs the question how they can make sure everyone is satisfied with the amount of stash spaces we have.

There are people who like to min/max and use the least stash spaces so that everything they keep has a purpose. And then there are those of us who likes to own a collection of all sorts of items in Eterra. When GGG makes stash spaces purchasable in POE, it is quite easy to people to decide for themselves how many stashes they can have. I am curious to know as well how LE devs plan to satisfy everyone on stashes.

So you mean I can get rid of that inventory screen that hangs for 2 minutes every time I log in by storing less things in the stash tab?

yes empty your stash completely and no more loading screen hang up

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