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Stash Tab Re-Ordering Issue

With the current method the game uses to identify stash tabs it does not allow you to re-order them.

Let’s say I make my first stash tab and label it “Idols”, then make a tab for unique, labeled “Uniques”. They would appear as such:

[Idols] [Uniques]

Great! Now as I continue to play I want to separate my Idols into small idols, and larger ones so I create a new tab called “Idols Large” and renamed my old “Idols” tab to “Idols Small”. Now my stash tab looks like:

[Idols Small] [Uniques] [Idols Large]

And there is absolutely no way to get [Idols Small] and [Idols Large] next to each other without putting them in an entirely different category. Changing their categories and putting them back into the old one results with them going back to their original places; by order of date-creation. This is extremely annoying. It doesn’t look as bad when they are separated by a single [Unique] tab but what about when a player doesn’t know this is the case and has many, many, tabs in-between that they would like to re-order and organize days/weeks/months down the road?

I’m not quite sure what the back-end of the game code looks like and why they’re being assigned to specific spots, but I feel like this wouldn’t be too hard to implement and would be a nice QoL for those who like structure and order in their stash tabs. Thanks for the consideration.


Agreed. Current Stash System is great, the best stash system of any other similar game i would say.

But the issue you named here is the only gripe i have with the current system.

EDIT: Also welcome to the forums, nice to actually see you on the forums here!


Agree. And voted :slight_smile:


Agreed! Have exactly the same problem with re-ordering.

And an other point to add - maybe stop raising prices for stashtab - paying more than 100k gold per tab now… would be nice if there would be a cap…?!

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