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Stash Bug

I started a SSF character And I only had 1 stash. I bought a 2nd stash for 1000 coins. Little later I logged out and logged into one of my older characters to see what the ward nerf looked like.
Logged out and went back to my ssf character who now has 8 stash’s. But when I click on a stash it goes to the wrong stash. If I rename a stash it will rename a different stash then the one I renamed. Clearly some of the stash’s aren’t suppose to be there and game doesn’t recognize them.

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Crap…ok I’m on it! Thanks for the detailed report.

heres a video showing it if it helps

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Yup, that’s exactly what I was expecting to see. Thanks for the video.

OK, so I’m not entirely sure why this happened but I can fix it if you send me your Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta file.

here you go

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Just for future reference if you rename it to have .txt at the end you can upload it direct.

I’ll be sending it back as a txt file and you’ll have to remove that part to get it to work.

Remove the .txt from the end of this file and put it in your Saves folder, should fix it for you.

Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta.txt (60.7 KB)


I made an acolyte in SSF and the same thing happened to her stash that happened to the sentinels. not sure why its doing it, but I"ll just grab the fix you gave me again.

Looks like I’ve got same bug:
Updated the game and delete all old characters.
Create new HC Solo toon.
All stash tabs are active and there are 2 of them with equal name and icon for 1st tab (1 of them is working, other - not)
Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta.txt (9.8 KB)

This actually happens every time I log in to my SSF character, even after using the fixed stash you gave me.

I have the same bug i guess. I started a few days ago and my first char has a messed up stash it seems.

I’ve got 2 categories named “General” and Stash Tabs 1-6 but the first one has a duplicate. Whenever I click on a tab, it selects the prior one, so when I click on Tab 5, it selects Tab 4.

I’m looking in to what would actually cause this but it’s just so weird. I think that a bad load happened at one point and is causing the stash to save in a messed up state. I’m going to be putting failsafes in to correct these cases.

I just got the game yesterday, started up a second character and had this happen after creating my second character which didn’t load in properly.
This was not an ssf or anything char, just normal none ssf/none hc and now both chars have it.

If i click my stash tabs it usually selects one to the left, and it also duplicated the “General” category now.

After the intro movie ended the movie stayed on screen but the ui with skills, minimap and so on was showing.
I couldn’t do anything however and had to force close.
When I logged back in I gained 5 usable and 1 ghost stash tab

I tried moving the stashes to a new category or renaming them but when I got down to two stash tabs in the general category it wouldn’t select the correct stashes any more.
16gb ram,
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 mobile version

Same happens on 3 chars for me.
On the last one I have checked every few minutes the stash.
But the only thing I noticed was that it happened in the period when the chat did not respond (10-15 minutes).

I have the same problem. Just bought the game. Started already preparing some categories and naming then. But something bugged and selecting them or deleting them (when empty) didn’t work. Logged out, suddenly a whole lot of stash tabs that I didn’t even buy got created. But I am afraid to put anything in it because clicking some tabs don’t even select it. I now have two categories that I can’t select. Some assistance would be great? Thx

If you post your Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta file here (from your saves folder) I can fix it.

You have to add .txt to the end or the forum won’t let you upload it.

Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta.txt (1.6 KB) Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta_temp.txt (2.4 KB)

Hey thanks Mike, would be ace to have it fixed. I backed these up as I fiddled around in it (by comparing it to the file you uploaded for another user earlier this week) and I got everything back to square 1 so to speak, but when I logged back on it was again messed up.

So I include the tmp file as well? Do I need to remove that one when I put the fixed file back in?


Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta.txt (1.6 KB)

Give that a shot and let me know how it goes. Remove the .txt before putting it back in that folder. The name needs to be exactly “Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta”

The temp files are auto generated backups that you should be able to ignore.

Edit: also, good news I think I just figured it all out.