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Stash bug, clicks are not aligned to the tabs

I am having the below issue, when clicking anywhere within the stash it is not aligned with the tabs.

Edit: sorry having issues uploading the video, will update it with a link to video shortly.

Edit 2:

I believe @Mike_Weicker has an internal fix for this problem for (presumably) the next patch.
If you’d like to fix it yourself, I posted my own solution here (read the whole thread for context)

(You can also fix the categories by going right above the tabs section of the file and looking at the categories section which will also have the duplicate. If you’re not comfortable trying to fix it yourself I’d say wait for the patch and see if that fixes it).

The auto-fix should be live now. Just update the game and you should be good to go.

All sorted in the latest patch, thanks for your help.

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