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Stash 6 Items lost


Hello, I logged in today and looked in my chest, there I noticed that all my Legendaries and Set Items are gone. these were in stash 6


Hi there, I’m sorry to have to tell you but we can’t do anything to get your items back for you. Something must have gone wrong with the loading process when the stash was opened. We are in the process of changing that process to make it more stable.


Hello, is not a problem;) I do not bother it wanted to report it only. the area is here for that


It’s not exclusive to tab 6 either; I lost tab 5 too. Oh well, call it an early wipe?


This has also occurred to me but I lost items and set items but they were in tab 1. Not expecting / wanting to get them back, we’re in Beta! Just reporting the bug so the Devs are aware the issue still exists


Just an FYI my full stash tabs 4,5, and 6 were also deleted:( So its probably somewhat common.

I know its “just beta” but I think this should be a priority. Kind of sucks getting number one on hc ladder and have basically all your uniques and all the incredibly good stuff I found on the way just disappear to a bug.


There are two things happening here. We had a problem with stash loading happening and being interrupted part way causing the loading to stop. This one should be fixed as the loading happens earlier and can’t be interrupted as easily.

The second thing is that if an item in the stash is bugged, it can cause the stash loading to break. Unfortunately, this is caused by something that happens long before the loading process. It happens in the previous play session. When a new play session starts, the logs are overwritten. This means we can’t get a good read on the real problem because the logs don’t actually go back far enough to see the actual cause of the problem.

Rest assured, it is a priority and we make changes to the item systems every patch. I’ll be taking another look at it this week to see what we can do.

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