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Spriggan/Shaman Hybrid Totem For Damage Build

20+ Totem Capable Hybrid of spriggan and avalanche! New intro skip the first 60 seconds if its to much :slight_smile:


Do you really need the Root wall? I was doing something similar, but it felt like root wall was taking way too much mana for what was essentially what Healing totem was doing, so I started focusing more on Vale Blast with spell damage totems. Does it not bother you because you aren’t trying to stay in Spriggan form?

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why would you ever want to stay in spigan form for long time? his damage is terrible(ok maybe not with 30+ totems, but avalanch shoud deal more dmg), you just need to put 20+ totems for damage buff and go back to human to cast avalanch and other shit. Cause avalanche with multiple totems deals crazy damage.

P…s root wall is op cause its casts 20+ ice thorns in mere seconds.

For Vale Blast and all of the Vale Spirits. They’re dirt cheap mana wise and no cooldown so I find them much easier to build around then the root wall since I can only cast a few before I run out of mana.

And why wouldn’t I want to be in Spriggan form? It seems pretty cool and I can’t see a downside to being in it.

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