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Spriggan Form Feedback/Suggestions

First time playing Spriggan form here is my feedback and suggestions after leveling it up:

Vines are very boring in this build. When you place them to get some more aoe/cleave in a pack you don’t even notice that they are there. Sometimes I would click them and was unsure if they actually were summoned or died or if I actually clicked the button to summon them hard enough. It’s hard to see; wish they were bigger and more visceral. Can we get some man eating plants instead???

Vale spirits and summoning them are very fun, like the synergy between that and vale blast (pew pew lasers!). I like also when they disappear they drift away which is really cool.

Vale blast – love the sound and animation. It’s subtle and normally I wouldn’t like it but I think there is a nice balance with sound and animation here. My only complaint here is I wish vale blast had its own tree just like swipe in werebear. I think as a primalist we should be able to pick a spell cast or a melee swipe early in the game.

I went a more spell casting dps style with my spriggan (went into spirit ally and summoning spirits). I feel like the tree itself other than vile spirits caters to a more stationary style, synergizing more with totems which I wasn’t a real fan of; I am bias here (take that as you will). I personally found all the other parts of the tree not that interesting or little synergy for an aggressive play style I was looking for. Maybe if I was support (when multiplayer comes out) I would dabble more into the healing totems. The vine is little underwhelming and like I said they are boring to look at and there is nothing there that caught my eye to be interesting. Root wall is an interesting concept, I like it for that reason but I personally didn’t want or need to use it for my spell caster. Again, maybe I would change my mind if I went a more support style later on in the game development.

I personally hated Petrify node and how it pops me out of my transformation at 30%. Common druid styles pours all their defensives into prot stacking in transformed state; popping out can be the thing at actually kills you. It puts you in a worse state for damage mitigation. It is also very disorienting if you didn’t notice the hits because all your keybinds switch to your normal human form abilities. Having a node that pops you out is just not fun because of how high the damage hits can be in this game randomly. I wish that part was just removed. I think the player themselves should just cancel out of the form if they feel threatened. If the 30% is a safe guard if you are about to kill yourself from casting, I don’t think its necessary. The degen from spamming abilities with it on isn’t bad enough personally, maybe make it a side node that links to Petrify that pops you out at 30% not on the main node.

I also feel like the developers (you guys) are trying to push a style that also makes situational transformation as possible style of play. I think there is an opportunity with the Petrify. Make more nodes linking to Petrify to convert the mana/hp ratio to 100% paying life only. Then make nodes that do something with the mana such as make it degen to grant healing boost, or increase spell damage or buffs for your minions on transformation as long as there is mana degening. You could also make a node that has no mana regen and provide the player with 10% damage taken as mana before health as another layer of defense (eventually it will run out and they will have to pop out, regen mana than transform again to be tanky). These nodes would promote a style which you transform at a certain time to buff players for a boss or buff minions to kill a rare mob. It promotes a situational transformation instead of the common style of staying transformed permanently.

Another concern I wanted to bush on is that in Spriggan form there is no access to a movement ability. It feels weird. I want to suggest possibly being able convert your vines into a movement ability; like a dash that creates vines in a straight line behind you as you dash forward. I feel like players should have access to one for the future with multiplayer. I can foresee myself struggling to keep up with a group trying to support them its going to be difficult in transformation state without a movement ability.

Overall, I enjoyed playing this class more than I expected. Very easy to play, feels comfy with a spriggan companion by my side (a lot of healing/regen).

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Have not yet hoped into Spriggan Form myself yet, but your writeup here is detailed, constructive and clear. Thanks for sharing, I appreciated reading it and it’ll give me food for thought when I do transform. :smiley: (currently dabbling with my Sorcerer…)

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