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Spriggan almost never follows

Spriggan is a really busy fella. Always kickin these monsters till they are 100% dead for sure (then dies himself). Never follows the pack. Always occupied :smiley:

This has been reported in the past and some fixes were applied, so some more info would be helpful.

  • Did the Spriggan always behave this way? If not, when?
  • What nodes do you have, if it started after some time?
  • What zone did you start using the Spriggan?
  • Does resummoning help?

He mostly behaves this way on a large maps, in arena he’s fine because it’s a small area and kinda tries to behave.
His aggro levels are very close to the old “minions” like skellies and wraths. They were always super aggressive and barely followed the summoner (6 months ago) but recently when i started playing the game again (around a week or so) i definitely noticed dramatic AI improvements. I have a feeling he might just have the “old” minion settings on him. As he’s always alone.

Resummoning does not help.
And by the way there is another bug with Spriggan that i have, not sure if i should open another thread or just add here. Anyway
Sometimes it’s impossible to resummon him as his own icon is being replaced automatically by Rejuvenating Wind on a skill bar. So once you summon Spriggan once, the game removes him from the skill bar and replaces with this ability. And for some unknown reason sometimes it does not even allow you to put spriggan back again.
For example on this picture i have the WIND on E and it does not allow me to replace it with Spriggan anymore

I can replace Storm TOtem with spriggan though

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