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Splitting Summon Skeleton: Several Skills Shall Serve Summoners


Summon Skeleton was originally implemented at the conclusion of Last Epoch’s pre-alpha stage of development, and was one of the largest specialization trees ever created. We have periodically altered the tree as we attempted to fit options to unlock additional skeleton types, options to remove skeleton types, options to enhance the various skeletons, options to increase your total skeletons cap, and other nodes within a single tree.

In a future patch, we will divide Summon Skeleton into two distinct skills. Summon Skeleton will summon skeletons associated with physical damage. Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Archers will be summonable by default. A new skill, Summon Skeleton Mage will, as the name might suggest, allow you to summon Skeleton Mages by default.

Both skills will have specialization trees which allow you to add additional skeleton types to their pool, and to remove skeleton types from their pool. Nodes designed to enhance the skeletons themselves will benefit from being more focused, due to fewer skeleton types being available. Both trees will also allow you to increase the number of skeletons you can summon with their respective skills. Our current plan is for Summon Skeleton to have a default cap of 3, and for Summon Skeleton Mage to have a default cap of 2. Please note these are provisional numbers offered prior to us playtesting internally, and are thus likely to change as we continue to iterate. Nevertheless, we wanted to share our current plans with you.

At Eleventh Hour Games we believe that most ARPGs in the market today focus on either being intuitive and approachable, or on offering depth and complexity. With Last Epoch we intend to compete on both counts. To restrict skeleton summoning to a single specialization tree would mean either limiting the options provided, or making an unwieldy, cumbersome tree which fails to meet our standards. Dividing Summon Skeleton into multiple skills allows us to deliver on the customization we wish to offer, without the baggage of false choice afforded by options incapable of contributing to your chosen build.

We’ll show you previews of the two specialization trees closer to their release when they are being iterated on less frequently. Until then, we wanted you to know not only that the issue of Summon Skeleton’s current iteration not being ideal was on our radar, but also how we plan to address it. We have discussed this extensively internally and this has been our preferred solution for some time. We look forward to having more details to share with you!


It’s finally happening guys! :smiley: This sounds so great and the icons look incredible. I like the distinction between the physical skeles and mages. It will start to feel more like an army of skeles, which I like. It sounds like it will be possible to have more skeles with these changes, at least I hope so. At least to me, as a Necromancer, I want to have that army of disposable, but easily summonable wave of skeles. While still having the option to have fewer and stronger skeles instead.

I’m super excited for these changes. Wow.


Well, you will be investing into two trees rather than one. It ought to be more rewarding! :wink:


That’s what I hoped! :smiley:


Excellent philosophy! I definitely feel the development concepts shared thus far reflect that. Now, it’s all about the implementation :smiley:


I’m mostly happy about this change because I couldn’t think of a way to utilize all my skill slots for skeletons.

Now I can have regular skeletons, mages, bone golems, and punchy transplant lads.



This is awesome, reminds me of D2 days!


Oh I like this a lot, the previous tree was just crazy. Can’t wait to roll around with an undead mage army.


Perfect. It always drove me crazy how many juicy nodes I had to leave behind on the skel tree.


This is a super good news ! It will make the skeleton summoner much more fun imo, can’t wait to see the skill trees ! :slight_smile:


But will there be Skeleton Ninjas, Skeleton Clowns, Skeleton Pirates and/or Skeleton Monkeys?


Yes of course.


We definitely won’t have all of those…

While you’re here, what is a pirate’s favourite letter?


Oh damn my dudes, this is so cool. I wasn’t expecting that at all, the doot bois will be so happy!



or R


Oooof will primalist get a bunch of different totems then as well or is this some kind of bias? :stuck_out_tongue:


Primalist already has that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as well as a bunch of pets.


I don’t think so ;). They divide skeletons kartegories to generate more skills because they function differently. If I look at the “Summon Thorn Totem” skill one could argue that there should be a difference between AoE and single target totems, just to throw one example out there. Sure it’s a bit of quibbling but a skilltree overhaul might work as well instead of making seprate skilltrees ;).


You’d think so!

But 'tis the ‘c’. :slight_smile:


Ha. Hmm I feel like if I said that you would say it was the R :stuck_out_tongue: Well played sir.