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Spiteful Adorned Rahyeh Idol

Pretty sure this void knight idol doesnt work. It doesnt add void damage to stats and doesnt increase damage done to training dummy, when a skill echoes. I tried to test it with rive, still dont saw any increase in damage output.

Yup, the Spiteful idol isn’t working (though the one that gives % void damage after casting Devouring Orb does). I tried it with several different echo-able void skills & both the character sheet & training dummy gave similar numbers before & after.

Any idea if the ones converting damage taken from kind to another work? I tried them a few times but cant say for sure.

Yes, the damage conversion idol for Smite works (it changes the tag to void).

No i meant the ones that change damage done to you. Sometihng like 30% of Lighting damage taken as Physical.

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