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[Spellblade, Lightning Rider?] too much lightning damage, probably lightning rider

I get 300% increased lightning damage on melee hit for 2 seconds on my spellblade and i think i dont have anything thats supposed to give me that buff. This also stacks infinitely. So if i hit 25 times in 2 seconds i get 7500% increased lightning damage.

I think it might be the “lightning rider” node because i noticed a big powerspike when i picked it up and its functionality is pretty similar. Its supposed to give 5% melee lightning damage for 4 seconds on melee hit.

Here is a screenshot of my stats and passive tree:

After attacking the target practice dummy for a few seconds i get between 6k and 8k increased lightning damage.

this is my skill tree:

I also took my gear off to test, but i still get the +300% dmg buff without my gear on.

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