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Spellblade feedback


 Played a couple days and am around lvl 69 with Spellblade.

 The class seems inconsistent and without synergy. This class should be a dps class but the way it is now it is just lacking in that way mainly do to the mana cost of Flame Weave being way too high at 18. This makes it pointless to spec attack speed passives in the tree since you will just run out of mana. Then there are passives where after 3 seconds you get extra damage which is more burst damage. So it feels more like a burst class than a dps class and if I wanted burst I would of went Sorcerer instead.

The other 2 attack skills are weak compared to flame weave since they only have one elemental gem tag and the passives in the main tree specify additional elemental damage to the respective type and not in general for example: 1 extra fire damage on fire melee attack skill instead of 1 extra fire damage on melee attack skills.

 Enchant weapon cooldown is too long or the duration not long enough so there will always be some time where it is not active which should not be the case for a dps character. Again this supports burst damage over dps since one would not want to attack and waste mana while enchant weapon is not active.

 The specials from specializing into Spell Blade are way too weak. 5 ward melee attacks is nothing compared to getting over 2k ward from flame ward. And the Shattering Strike skill is just garbage since freeze rate does not scale with level or damage. Shattering frozen enemies at less than 100 hp when the enemies are having over 10k hp is just a trash effect. So I could have a better Spell blade type character by specializing into Sorcerer instead of Spell Blade which is an **epic** fail.

 Finally, have more weapons with increased elemental damage instead of just 1 type of scepter. It is really hard to find even just a moderate weapon for Spell Blade class. Like wands drop so often and are having over 100 base spell damage increase and there are even scepters with base spell increase but almost nothing for elemental increase.

 So the suggestions would be to vastly lower the mana cost of Spell weave to like 3 mana like the lightning blast skill has. Get rid of the 3 seconds extra damage passives and just have always damage passives. Better special ability for taking Spell blade mastery like having extra ward retention or critical melee attacks. Combine flame weave and shattering strike into 1 skill and make it the mastery skill. Having no downtime in enchant weapon between uses. Have all scepters increase elemental damage and increase the drop rate of scepters and add elemental damage increase to swords.

18 mana for a spell that can be as strong as Flame Reave is pretty cheap. Lightning Strike can be pretty strong as well and the damage of it was never an issue for me but rather the very low AoE range. Never tried the cold melee attack because I don’t like it by design.

The sad part about Spellblade is: If you go for a Crit build you’ll do far more dmg in the end then going for a stereotype build of increasing elemental dmg and attack speed… at least stereotypical from my point of view.

After all I’m pretty happy with the Spellblade right now even thou it got “shafted” because the new offhand items only offer spell crit :/.

For the kopied in stuff:

  • My enchant weapon is always on without loosing anything for my build
  • Flame Ward is a survivability skill it’s there to offer dramatic ammounts of Ward
  • Yes Shattering Strike is meh but I’m really sure someone who likes it can make it work easiely.
  • From the top of my mind there is an axe, a twohanded hammer and a pole weapon that helps with elemental dmg. I sure i missed one or two there. Then again Crit is king for dmg like in every other ARPG.
  • Lowering the mana cost of flame reave would mean to lower it’s dmg and we’ll be back at lightningstrike rightclick meta. Flame Reave is a pretty strong skill so I don’t see the problems you have with it. I never run OOM in a fight once with my Spellblade and even in the Arena there is enough time to regain Mana inbetween waves because it’s rather easy to get 15ish mana regen.
  • I don’t even skill the every 3 second skills because I can make use passive points somewhere else and better. Spellblades just normaly end up with a high attack speed so every 3 Seconds feels like an age. Every thrid attack would be nice but maybe far to potent ^^.

Nice to get fresh Spellblade feedback thou keep it coming :).

I use a shield, I don’t notice the 2 hand weapons.

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