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Sound effects seem to be stuck on repeat

Encountered two places where a sound effect seemed to be stuck on repeat, even after the characters ‘making’ the sounds are killed and no longer there.

  1. Rayah creatures along the ulatri cliffs making a screeching noise
  2. Refuge guards being consumed by the void

Could you be more specific about the Osprix in Ulatri cliffs? A screenshot of where it’s happening would be helpful.

The refuge guard is technically working as intended, it’s hard to see but the guard is still moving. It probably should wait before repeating the sound though. here is the refuge guard

was mistaken on the other one, it’s in the first area. Got voices but with no creatures attached apparently.

apologies for the stuttery video on the second, i ended up having to drop all settings for stream because twitch being a pain.

Thanks, I’ve made a note of this internally. Should be an easy fix.

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