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Sound Bug

Getting sound stutter,clipping when fighting packs of mobs

Only just started noticing this myself. Sound chops/clips when fighting multiple MOBs.

Same here, since I got the game.
It not only effects the game, but anything else I am running, and or listening to. The only game with this issue. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s frequent enough to be annoying.

I missed this thread…

Hope for a fix…

They really need to work on performance… No rhyme or reason as to why I have such issues, while every other game I play runs flawlessly. Not trying to come off as rude by any means, but this is pretty important. Not all PC set ups have issues, it seems that it’s just random.

That said, it is a beta, but I want to continue supporting these guys, and I get migraines and get dizziness from it all. Best thing to do is upload a dxlog, but I’m not posting mine on the forum, regardless of how secure it is.

I hope for their success. :slight_smile:

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