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Sorcerer Skills Not working

Does the passive skill brillance work??

I never see an icon of it stacking and i have it maxed so i should get 1 stack per cast then at 5/5 300% damage increase on next cast spell but i think its bugged.

Also with the teleport skills for sorcerer i have 3 skills points in teleport for ward. The wording is “sacrfice 12% life and get double in ward” or close to that but when i teleport its more like 25% life gone. after 2 or 3 teleports im done to 30% life. Coding wrong or is it also bugger? i dont really mind cause it lets me stack up to 3-4k ward.

Does anyone know what damage type shrapnel is on meteror storm?


Moving thread to Bug Reports.

For starters, brilliance only works with “sorcerer skills”, not mage or spellblade. ie, the 3 skills listed on the sorc passive tree as it says on the tooltip.

Secondly, the teleport ward was recently changed from 30% hp to 12%hp. You would need to despecialize and reskill it for the changes to actually take affect.

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