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Sorcerer Passive Node "Mark of Brilliance" seems buggy


I put some points in and thought it was a great idea, I changed my mind and removed them and realized I’ve lost some Int and Health… I checked my gear to make sure there nothing missing… Nope and put the points back in “Mark of Brilliance” and got my Int and Health back.

Im not sure about the Health but 1000% about the Int… (1 Int per point I guess)

Looks like I do not lose my stacks?? Right?
I’m so confused, pls help :slight_smile:

Thanks and greetings

I’m also seeing something strange with these nodes (Mark of Brilliance & Promise of Power).

They definitely give 1 INT per point, but they don’t seem to generate charges.
Well, at least I expected them to behave according to their text: generate charge “per sorcerer spell cast”, so I casted some Meteors, and expected Promise of Power to kick in, augmenting my stats (it says elemental damage so should be reflected as increased fire/cold/lightning damage in stats, as other sources of elemental damage do). There was no increase.

I don’t think they give any health, I removed all gear and calculated my HP only taking into account my level, and it matched (95 + 5*level).

I didn’t do more thorough testing, it’s hard to figure out small damage changes with +/-25% damage range. Also, maybe charges require actually dealing damage to enemies, though it would be contrary to the wording (it says “on cast”, not “on hit”)

When they come out with buffs and debuffs icons this should be resolved, but I also believe its bugged and doesn’t work as intended.

Thanks for the detailed report, we’ll have to take a look. This is logged.

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