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Soon You'll Be Able to Whisper People. Tell Your Friends!

We’ve been working on social updates and are applying the finishing touches to the backend. In a future patch you will be able to add other Travelers as friends, and send them whispers.

From the team that brought you the options;

  • Screen Shake: Off
  • Screen Shake: Heavy Abilities Only
  • Screen Shake: On
  • Screen Shake Intensity: Very High
  • Screen Shake Intensity: High
  • Screen Shake Intensity: Normal
  • Screen Shake Intensity: Low

…come the following commands for whispering people;

  • /tell Name
  • /msg Name
  • /w Name
  • @ Name
  • /dm Name
  • /message Name


Speaking of having friends...

(As with all sneak peeks, there could be changes prior to this being implemented.)


I love this and it’s cool you’re adding different commands of how to whisper someone. But will you add the abilty to also see our friends’ class and level?

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While that will definitely be implemented, I can’t say for sure whether it’ll be there initially.


Looking to meet some BFFs in LE! :smile:


Okay that’s totally cool!

Looking forward to being able to interact with other people in game.

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