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Some UI tweaks and feedback! another movement/invis bug clip!

hello again everyone! im back with some more ideas and feedback suggestions. Another fun clip of movement interaction with invisible wall, but this time in imperial welyrn. so we will start with the Clip then ill post couple ideas i like to see added into LE for QoL and visual improvements that can help everyone!

So here is the clip of me running through imperial welyrn trying to get to the next zone ran into the invisible wall.

Now onto my feedback to few thing is found while play beastmaster that i thought i suggest that would help alot when keeping track of everything!

1st suggestion: So there is a node on scorpions called baby scorpions i really like! The issue i have with this skill is keeping track of their HP pools! So i would like to see an icon in top left corner with other companions Show their HP pool. then in the corner of that! Show the number of baby scorpions currently available! since you can have 3 spawn at a time! This idea is’nt unique just ot this skill. while playing other classes such as Sentinel i notice when using stances they dont show up in the buff corner in top left either. So for something like this id love to see this added to all Toggle/Campanion based skills just for an easier visual check When your in hectic situations to make sure your maximizing your build in combat in 1 spot!

2nd suggestion: i recently started a character with purpose of using blind. but one thing i notice when using blind. Is i have trouble indicating when an enemy has the debuff! So all I’m asking for is a more clear animation on the enemy for when they are blinded.

3rd Suggestion: this is more an a question/idea im throwing out there! Has the idea of loot enemy based types being added tot he game? (eg. Gold goblin from diablo 3)

That is all i got for today! Once again Thank you to Both community and Devs for all your hard work! I’m proud to see how much everyone is working together to make this game in the best state possible!

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