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Some feedback and thoughts about druid shapeshifting

Hello everyone !

I have a few things to share regarding the druid :

  • It can feel like a huge changement but imo it would make the shapeshifting much more interesting : werebear and spriggan from should only replace the morph skill (like the reaper form of the lich) and let all the other skill slots available. In this way, you still get a nice additional skill (the spriggan blast or the bite from werebear) and you can still use other skills. It also reduces the confusing fact that some shapeshift skills can benefit from other skill trees.
  • Thanks to that, you would get a much more interesting skill tree for werebear and Sriggan form. You would have a part of the tree to buff the new shapeshit skill and the rest of the skill tree would be here to give tons of cool buffs/stats/procs modifications.
  • With all these modifications to me the shapeshift should not rely on “reaching 0 mana to unmorph”. It could be just a 30sec morph for example with 10 sec cooldown (the current 20sec is much too long). Or a number of utilisation of the shapeshift skill before going back to human (30 blasts in spriggan, 10 bites in werebear for example)
  • Currently the shapeshit skill trees feel a bit messy and underwhelming, Spriggan Form has skills that are really useless, the healing totem and the vines especially. I would much prefer being able to use entangling roots in this form for example.
  • Anyway, I think the shapeshifting can be cool but in the current state it feels underwhelming and “locked”, I feel like I don’t have lot of choices regarding skill tree and skills.

Try using avalanche+earthquake physical crit combo, its strong.

I am talking about shapeshifting, not other druid skills x)

I said it for a long time: “Shapeshifting is counterintuitive!”. You don’t benefit from your pet skills and a lot of skillpoints from other skills are wasted AND on top of that you don’t get any benefits for the Shape itself anymore.
We are back to the point where my not shiftet Druid does more dmg then my bear form untill I equip the amulet unique that shred my resistences. No leap steroid, no frenzy steroid and so on and so forth. No offence devs but I get the feeling that you don’t realy know what you want to achive with shapeshifting.

I’m going to be blunt here: every single one of your ideas is terrible and, if implemented, would completely ruin the spirit of shapeshifting. Making it on a timer just places unnecessary pressure on the player and ruins the whole point about building around increased Mana. There are many skills that synergize really well that can be used passively (things like Ice Thorns being on hit and Raptor Rampaging when it sees a Rare or Boss enemy). That’s before the skills that are meant to be used with the shapeshifting trees.

I agree with Vines being useless, but that’s the nature of immobile pets being useless in a constantly moving ARPG genre, and Druid has multiple passives that involve vines already, so the vine problem is not limited to the Spriggan Form. Healing Totem route, when done properly, is now really, really good. We are just one day out from Bear form being completely redone - give people time to give feedback and suggestions to improve the skills that are already there. Yes, there are a few more shifts that need to be made, but that can be done without completely overhauling the nature of transformation builds like you’re suggesting.


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