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Some Build 0.7.4?

Please, where are the new builds? post your builds.

Poison melee minion build is quite enjoyable, and the raptor looks good after a brief try.


Wolf: get the + 1 to companions and the dodge and DOT multiplier nodes top right.
Sabretooth: Get the damage nodes at the bottom
Scorpion: I like getting the mini scorpion nodes
Frenzy totem: get the poison chance and minion healing nodes
Raptor: Get all the bleed and poison nodes bottom right

Passives: Get all the minion speed, strength and dodge nodes you can, otherwise you just need life and defences for yourself or life regen for self and minions. Put most of your energy into getting your defences in place so you yourself don’t die. Your strength will give enough minion life and minion damage, plus they will get a lot of dodge and glancing blows at the top of the beastmaster tree.

Gear: Strength, life, dodge, minion dodge, armour, resists, glancing blow, minion damage. See above, strength will give your minions enough stats, so you just need cheap gear that keeps you alive and gives you good resists.

Basically your beasts all apply poison, which means they all buff each other, by 10% more each hit, so single target ramps up nicely. Clearspeed is consistent, but overall slow, as they all run to each individual enemy, and your AOE (scorpion poison) is a crap skill. The way poison works means that the really high health enemies have their health decrease at an exponential rate, so they die really fast, but you still won’t oneshot the really low health enemies, you just rely on speed of attacks and 7 minions to clear packs. In other words, poisons compresses all fights to between 2 and 6 seconds, so 3 really weak enemies die at almost the same rate as 3 incredibly strong enemies.

You just have to stand back, cast frenzy totem near the action, wolf howl, rampage the raptor and use the sabretooth ability on bosses, then kite all the crazy damage and ground effects.

I have no idea how to link gear or skill trees in this forum, so words will have to suffice.

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Poison raptor really wants you to stack bleeds on mobs since it give poison based on bleed stacks.

For pure damage though I think the Crit Raptor build is the highest since you can get +100% Crit chance +100% crit damage vs bleeding mobs, +160% increased crit strike chance on him. That gives 273% crit chance vs bleeding that means he’s doing double and triple crits that are doing 3x base damage.

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Flame Reave, now stronger than ever

Its a simple build, skill flame reave + fireball for high crit chance, use eye of reen + ring of the third eye for the crit synergy, ice ward + enchant weapon for buffs, teleport without tree for movement, focus for quick mana regen. Can deal with arena 100+ reasonably well, can also do endless monolith. Thanks to the ridiculous base crit chance flame reave and fireball offer you don’t even need high crit chance from your gear.

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will try, u have passive tree from mastery and skills? ty

Attunement heavy Shaman works well. Using Storm and Thorn totems, Spriggan and Entangle/Tornado.

Spriggan gives good CC and healing plus lets you take strengthen bond passive for +50% armour and protections. With Protective Circle you are getting +300 to all protections (5 Thorn Totems and 1 Storm) that is increased by 50% to +450 to all protections.

Ascendent Circle gives you +240% spell damage so your Tornado and Entangle doing excellent damage while you Totems provide support and tanking.

@Kotli “That gives 273% crit chance vs bleeding that means he’s doing double and triple crits that are doing 3x base damage.”
–> It doesn’t work like Warframe where having more than 100% crit chance gives chance to make stronger crit. Any crit chance above 100% is wasted. However I think you considered “increased crit chance” as “added crit” chance which are different.

The text for raptor ravage mode says 20% more crit chance and damage vs per point against bleeding targets and has 5 points max. That to me says maxing it out gives Raptor +100% flat Crit Chance. If that not the case then the devs have messed up the tooltip text wouldn’t be the first time.

“more” isn’t “added”. I am not sure if I have ever seen “more crit chance” so maybe this is new at this patch (haven’t tried raptor yet). In the case of “more crit chance” I don’t know how it works, but I would not think it is like added crit chance. Anyway if you happen to have for example 150% crit chance, you don’t have 100% crit chance + 50% to have a stronger crit you would just have 100% crit chance. @Kotli

My highest level character is a Beastmaster so I tried out the Raptor. The 20% more Crit on Bleeding enemies is a “increased” multiplier like its other Crit node. Taking your 273% Crit chance increase and using a Minion Crit amulet, that gives your Raptor a 20% Crit chance instead of the standard 5%. I don’t believe there is a way to give flat added Crit chance for pets like you have with player skills.

I’m playing a similar build as Grimlock, but I’m doing Poison + Bleed for a general pet DoT build. My skills are as follows:

Wolf: +1 to companions, DoT multiplier, and 125% Bleed chance to give a good chance to have 2 Bleed DoTs going every strike.
Sabertooth: Same route, Bleed chance + DoT damage
Raptor: I chose this instead of Scorpion because I doubt the baby Scorpions will last long in AoE as well as the slow movespeed. Bottom right node that gives Poison based off Bleed stacks is delicious especially since the Raptor itself has 200% to bleed without equipment boosts.
Spriggan: I wanted it to be the damage dealer from a distance. I took both the 200% damage nodes for Poison and Bleed as well as the nodes that make it rapidfire in a straight line. For the rest of the points I put it in making Vines appear for more Poison stacks but I can also put it in a better healing Aura if enemies get too tough.
Entangling Roots: 102% Poison Chance for Wolves (before passive boosts, so about 150% meaning a good chance for 2 Poison stacks in one bite), double cast Speed for Spriggan, extra buff length then take the Mana Efficiency nodes as well as rounding off the healing Nova node. The Mana Efficiency is necessary to get multiple patches going for the front line and the Spriggan while also being able to use your pet abilities.

It’s certainly my best-performing build, but using the Chest slot for the pet Bleed Unique means that it’s very difficult to get the 100% Glancing Blow chance + decent protections. I have 3 FPS in the Arena so I’m not going anywhere near it, lol, but as long as I don’t offer my face to enemies like an idiot (not the easiest thing when you have terrible FPS), I can handle Monolith fairly well.

I do want to build a full-fledged build guide for my favorite Primalist, but without good image capturing or video abilities, I’d have to make a huge post to justify posting it so people can understand my direction. It won’t be anywhere near Level 100 when release happens, but I’d love to post my build ideas. I think this game has tremendous potential for build ideas, and I’d like to share what I’ve found to be unique and interesting skill combinations.

Oh well guess it bug report time since this ravage node is unclear in what it does and could be better written since it confused me and my friends.

I play werebear and very powerful ,arena 400+.
Very low equipment requirement , you only need an 70+ levels druid and a legend amulet and a high crit chance weapon

Does Werebear get anything from Speccing in the Swipe skill?

Yes, swipe tree will 100% working on the werebear swipe, and in the wearbear tree also has some nodes can enchant swipe.
Really overpower.

Werbear swipe benefits from swipe. On top of that you can spawn your skilled roots with the roar if you specc for it.

@kotli the way multipliers and increases work is based off your intial crit chance. for example if your base crit chance is 5% then 100% MORE would mean double so 10%. same works with increased but MORE is a multiplier so it’s changes are applied after increased stats. so let’s say you have 5% base crit chance, then factor in 200% increased. that would bring you to 15%. 20% more would be 20% of 15. this would bring your crit chance from 15% to 18%. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Fuzzduck is right and I was wrong - nodes that say “more” are actually multipliers, so they are more powerful than a simple “increased.” I’m getting used to the terminology myself, but there are other skill trees that use the same wording and explicitly point out that it’s meant to be a multiplier.

So the calculation goes (5 base crit chance) * (173% increased crit chance or 1 + 1.73) * (100% more crit chance or 1 + 1) = 5% * 2.73 * 2 = 27.3% crit chance against bleeding enemies. A 1 in 4 chance is a much better proposition than a 1 in 20 chance, especially with an increased crit multiplier. I’m not sure how to calculate how much extra crit damage would be necessary for the increased crit chance to be worth it, but it’s likely that it can overtake simple damage percent increases if you get the crit chance and crit multiplier high enough.

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