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[Solved] [Lich] Hungering Souls is not affected by leech

Not sure if this intended and needs to be added in skill description, but the Lich skill Hungering Souls is not affect by leech. I have 12% spell leech on tree and do not see any change to my HP outside of normal regen. I don’t know the exact math behind leech, but I should see something when I spam Hungering Souls and can clear packs with just it but still just at natural HP regen (or no regen during Reaper).

I’ve built like a hybrid spellcaster/melee, so I’d like to be able to melee and was trying to use Hungering at range to get my HP back up so I can go back into melee range. Also would help to sustain Lich when I can’t get in melee. Possibly Hungering Souls are being treated as minions without the minion tag?

To reproduce:

  1. Get Lich with Hungering Souls, high spell leech,. Probably need higher necrotic/spell damage too get more effect out of leech. Have minimal HP regen or use Reaper form to cancel HP regen.
  2. Clear packs with Hungering Souls only. Observe no leech effect.
  3. Use other skill and observe leech effect working.

How much damage do the souls do? If they do 100 damage on hit (the dot element can also leech), then you would be seeing 12 damage leeched over 3 seconds for 4 health regained per second, per hit, multiplied by the number of hits plus however much DoT damage you’re doing which would be leeched as well.

Leech is kinda difficult to see since unless you’re doing a lot of damage with a high % leech it’s probably going to be a small amount, and combat can be hectic.

Ignoring the DoT damage, it was at least 300-700 for each of the hits and I tested with large packs to ensure multiple of them were hitting due to the bad tracking they have. I intentionally got my HP lowered, moved away, spammed Hungering, and saw no change aside from the same natural HP regen when I’m not leeching. And Reaper Mode cancels regen and it wasn’t even enough leech to cancel the extremely minor degen at the beginning of Reaper that ticks at 1 for a few seconds.

Fair enough, assuming an average of 500 per hit, each hit would leech 60 health over 3 seconds which would be twice the basic health regen (per hit).

I do wonder whether leech works & it would be nice to have a dev check. I have ocassionally seen a small yellow bar above the current hp & wondered whether that was the leech being applied.

Maybe they could change the colour of the hp bulb if the player is leeching?

Almost 4x my natural regen of 17 at level 60. Tested with fresh Reaper Form and Basic Attack. Basic attack was only doing about 200 per swing and I tested with a group of mobs for multiple instances of leech that should have added up to like 60 hp over 3 seconds per swing (fast atk speed) and never saw my life go up, only down from the -1 and growing degen.

Yea, seems like Leech might be broken altogether. I haven’t noticed with Harvest because mine has life on hit that scales with INT so I just assumed that was the leech. Kind of stuck now because if I take away all my sources of leech stacking, I also lose the damage bonuses from Hollow Lich. I might just need to stack more INT until its fixed.

The yellow bubble is an enemy DoT. It is an indicator that if the effect was over right now, that is how much HP you would have left and to use a potion or leech more (lol) if regen wouldn’t be enough. Leech may have its own indicator when working, but the bubble will turn into a hot mess for some builds… hp, lost hp, degen, leech, and ward to cover it all up.

Ahh, if you have Hollow Lich, that’d be why, that converts the leech into damage, so you don’t leech anymore…

That doesn’t make any sense & I’m not sure that kind of information would give the player any benefit…

Yup, you were right… I complete misread it as not converted. Turned it off and tanked my damage a bit but Harvest Souls definitely was leeching and Harvest too after the instant HP. I’ll probably continue playing without it since Harvest on hit HP is doing most of the carry. It is just weird that the stats screen doesn’t update that it is being converted. Possibly part of a future update.

Yea, I don’t agree with the yellow degen either… but I had time to watch it when I was looking for the leech. Every time I had it the HP would drop a little above the indicator (due to regen).

Still not sure what it is, but if you saw it & didn’t have any leech then it clearly can’t be leech.

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