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Social tab online status

The social tab appears to be pulling it’s online/offline status from Steam rather than whether the account is in-game or not, as one of my friends has LE & is playing Wolcen but is still showing as online in LE.

It is definitely unrelated to Steam.

Which is odd as my friend was definitely not in Last Epoch.

We’ve been able to reproduce the social panel getting it wrong, and it’s something we plan to look at in future - I wouldn’t be surprised if it was rewritten from the ground up - but currently we’re very busy and it’s not something we’ve been able to allocate time for just yet.

Our testing has involved both the standalone client and the Steam client - and they’ve been about equally unreliable, which is one reason I don’t believe the issue is related to Steam.

Yeah, that’s absolutely fine, as long as it’s on your list of **** to fix.

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