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So the Crafting Target is "All Items Fractured"?

absolutely spot on. didnt like it in Lineage 2, Black Desert Online, Perfect World International, Rappelz, Tera, Aion, and quite literally the majority of Korean/Chinese MMORPG/Mobile games that have item upgrades. this kind of system does not belong in ARPGs.

imo, a better system should replace this one. Loot that drops needs to have equal significance to crafting in that crafting is not the primary progression. literally no one can do end game without heavily crafted items. this completely diminishes the “Looting” aspect of this type of game.

People wanna talk about how Crate handles crafting in GD. GD respects the investment you put into looting. you get blueprints to craft RNG/Specific gear or use drops without one being more important that the other. get duplicates of a set times that drop? transmute them into different piece of the same set/other set making dropped items still important to loot. transmutation is costly to. it isnt something that you can just do with no investment.

What are you talking about? Crafting in this game is based on drops. You can pull the affixes from the gear that isn’t great to create one that fits your build. There should NEVER be a crafting mechanic with no risk. It defeats the purpose then.

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I still think the whole crafting system is kind of funny because items with mods drop and have max stability but if you try to craft a white item into something better it breaks pretty fast. I still have’nt found a reasoning behind this like magic weapons grow on trees or something arround these lines.

In my eyes crafting is about control skill and the craft. If you have no idea what you do you craft crap. If you are an expert in a certain Craft you craft excellent goods. The only toon ingame with a crafting backround is the Sentinel and it seems like he was able to craft plenty of items without problems according to his backround story so it should be easier for him to craft :D.

I get the mechanic behind crafting and I like it… sure it’s frustrating from time to time but then again every good piece crafted is a fullfillment. On the other side I’m pretty intrested in the lore behind this mechanic because it seems rather wierd and disconnected even to a high fantasy setting.

not entirely correct since anyone with enough gold can just sit at the gambler. the purpose of ARPGs is killing and looting. not sitting at an NPC hoping that after you dump enough gold you get something which you then have to gamble on crafting.

both PoE and GD get it right. D3 gets it right. Dungeon siege 3 gets it right. wait… literally LE is the only one using Korean MMO/Mobile enchanting.

as much as i like various things about this game, imo one of its biggest weakness is the crafting.

D3 Cube crafting = worst RNG system ever. Don’t get me wrong I hate it when Stuff get’s destroyed but then again our char ingame is no crafter outside of the sentinel.If I ask someone to craft a steel platemail who don’t know jack it might take a pretty long time and attempts to do so while a lot of material is destroyed in the process.

You are wrong. Gold is a very limited currency in this game compared to time played. I almost never have much funds and that is just trying to afford the runes to shatter. People that have a ton of gold are the people that run several arenas up into the hundreds of stages. That takes a lot of time.

if only he could straight up craft gear. its more like enchanting which you would expect all the magic casters to be adept at ^_^.

once i went through on my necromancer i had/have enough gold to straight up (on new characters) pull armor from the first vendor in that first outpost and put mods into gear. this completely invalidated picking up any items that werent crafting materials, gold, and uniques.

Edit: and then straight on to the gambler at council chambers and end of time.

I make less than 50k gold running through the story to completion. That doesn’t go very far. I have gambled a lot, but it is cheaper to just hunt for affixes from the normal armor vendor. Once you start trying to find elemental resists per item equipped and dodge per item equipped maybe you will see a lot more grinding for affixes. You won’t be able to gamble those cost effectively.

yes but you cant compare POE to LE, poe you equip most of your character with uniques, and the only thing you have to do is make sure u get the right sockets/links.
Crafting in this game is in the right way but not quite there yet, this is my opinion.

Good to know that you guys will improve crafting. I have to be honest, getting items fracture at 93% just feels wrong, so please let us be reward for time and effort, not because I hit my lucky number.

You can shatter fractured items to get some of the shards back. It’s not great when something fractures, but you shouldn’t be going all in on an item if it is your only good piece in that slot. Put it on and try to craft another one that is better. Once you get the new one to be one tier better, put it on and craft onto your original. Keep swapping them back and forth until one fractures. Gear progression in this game is very incremental unless you get incredibly lucky with drops.

Wait till you get 22 items all fracture on 99% one after the other. That was basically one shard fitted, then fracturing on the second! Spent ages at gambler trying to get, items that had stats I was using. I would hate to think how much gold I wasted getting them…a lot!..didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Upgrades from that session…zero.

Not sure if you even played PoE. Are you confusing this with Diablo 3?

The fracture and instability system are great.

If there is no fracture, then there is no risk factor to craft good items.

If there is no instability, drops are probably only worth shattering because you can just craft from a white item with max rolled implicits.

Items fracture at 93% mean the chance to fracture is not zero, but I’m also wondering if there’s something wrong with the displayed chances because I feel that it happens more often than it should. I can’t say for sure because I don’t have a statistically significant data to support this claim.

We get a significant number of reports of 93% fracturing. We aren’t sure what’s causing it yet but I suspect that it has something to do with the use of glyphs. It’s on my todo list to investigate.


My own experience seems that way too. But it’s more an impression thing. I didn’t actually closely track.

Crafting in LE is way more friendly than other aRPGs even with spending items/costs to get things

I actually think this game needs more affixes on an item as I actually do have a few ‘perfect’ 4x T5 rolls on gear ie 2x Glancing Blow 1x Health% T5 Resist armor and a wand or two with all T5 rolls

I also have some bugged armor with 5 affixes with 1 hidden, my Glancing Blow roll got ‘removed’ but is still there hidden, some of my old gear gives around 40% Glancing Blow on 1 piece. One of my old chars has 170% glancing blow now

Getting ‘perfect’ gear on PoE is virtually impossible

I crafted arround 50 items these past days and I had only one high % fracture. From my past and present experiences everything works like it always does and people jump up and down screaming in agony because one or two items met the same fate at high %. I’ll do some reaserch on it I have hundrets of mats to throw out of the window and I could’nt care less but so far everything seems legit.


So I randomly crafted stuff and so far only one high fracture happened. I tried different glyphs and no glyphs and tried the haunting 93% crafts aaaaand… nothing. So far it seems like 1/20 items fracture above 90% no matter what I try. No matter if it’s different armor or weapons.

It might be intresting to know if people craft specific items that fracture maybe there is a hickup with some new items who knows. I had no problems with specific items of all 3 classes but I don’t know if I got all.

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