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Smite seems to be a buggy skill?

  1. Testing Smite now and decided to try the Lightning damage route as that’s the only lightning damage so far? I am not impressed. The Lightning Bolt doesn’t seem to come out correctly. Sometimes it hits several targets and sometimes it can’t even hit the main target. Or can extra Lightning Bolt even hit the main target? The overall damage just feels very low at the moment.

What do you guys think??

  1. Fissure doesn’t always come out for some reasons. Does this happen to you guys a well?

I just find Smite a very weak skill at the moment. Maybe it shines when it’s being used has a healing?

Smite is a very powerful skill. It used to be even more deadly when it was bugged. It all depends on how fast your cast speed is, if you get the aoe dot, how much increased damage you have, and your crit and crit damage. My smiter is currently my best overall character

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